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In today’s current marketing environment, businesses no longer ask “If” they should invest in search engine optimization, rather they ask “How much” they should invest to see noticeable growth in search rankings and a hefty return on their investment.

Some business owners compare the cost and benefits of pay-per-click marketing with affordable SEO. The best analogy for this comparison is PPC marketing can be compared to buying a house and flipping it for a profit while SEO can be compared to investing in an apartment complex, fixing it up and renting out the homes. The takeaway here is that SEO does not provide the quick return that PPC does, but it is more of an investment in the future and will yield much greater gains if done correctly. At bidpin we acknowledge not every business wants to throw tens of thousands of dollars a year at an SEO campaign, which is why we are able to work with a variety of budgets to offer affordable seo that will still deliver results.

Affordable SEO doesn’t mean cutting corners, or employing black hat techniques that will most likely get your business penalized by major search engines. It means spending money and using time efficiently, and knowing the current state of the SEO landscape. Did you know that Google tweaked its algorithm for crawling and ranking websites nearly 400 times last year alone? Effective and affordable SEO takes research, time and expertise, all of which bidpin can offer to help you see more traffic to your website and in turn more sales.

Affordable SEO: The Process Behind the Results

People often ask, “Why is SEO so expensive?” The short answer is the time and effort that it takes for an SEO firm to produce results is far greater than other forms of marketing. Affordable SEO is not impossible to provide, however.

Any advertising campaign, SEO included, begins with research and planning. Without a realistic, detailed strategy, you begin disjointedly throwing away time and money into something that will not result in growth.

The affordable SEO process starts with keyword research and competitive analysis. The goal of keyword research is to pick keywords that will bring a return on your investment through a balance in targeted traffic and how competitive they are. For example, if you are running a house cleaning business and research the keyword “house cleaning” you will most likely find a huge amount of traffic, but also competition from various other businesses and products. Even if you were able to rank on the first page for this keyword, which would take a tremendous amount of time and money, the people searching for it still might not convert after landing on your site because they are looking for house cleaning products they can use themselves rather than a professional.

You might get better results from “professional house cleaning” which will probably provide less traffic, but the traffic will be much more targeted than the previous keyword. This targeted traffic results in a lower bounce rate (higher time spent on the site), a positive ranking factor for the search engines and more sales conversions.

Competitive analysis is also extremely important because a keyword or phrase that is extremely competitive, especially when the competition is large corporations with billion dollar marketing budgets, it will be difficult if not impossible to provide affordable SEO results. For this reason, a large part of providing affordable SEO services is researching which keywords and phrases fall into the medium of solid traffic but not overwhelming competition.

The final piece when providing affordable SEO before actually creating and sharing content is website analysis. Checking the structure of your website is an essential piece of a well designed, affordable SEO strategy. By auditing your existing website, bidpin can determine whether your link and page structure can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. This is extremely important because regardless of how amazing the content on your website is, if it can’t be crawled it will not be indexed and therefore will be invisible to search engines and the searchers who use them. Some other tips and tricks to having a properly optimized website are:

  • Having a complete site map is a positive ranking factor for search engines, and helps index pages more efficiently.
  • Important keywords on your site should be in the HTML text.
  • Any images should include alt text to help the search engines understand what they depict.
  • Videos are a positive ranking factor for a quality website, but they should also include a transcript to include any keywords used within the video.

Designing an Affordable SEO Strategy

When designing a strategy, it must be tailored to your specific SEO needs and budget in order to bring in customers for years to come regardless of future algorithmic changes by the search engines. Based on the keyword, competition and website analysis, we can determine what your individual strategy must entail. Every SEO strategy, however, has two things in common: content and link building. The amount of work that must be put into these two aspects of an affordable SEO strategy varies based on the amount of quality content and links that already exist.

Whether you need new content or simply need to better optimize your content for SEO, bidpin can provide a solution. We offer in-house, never outsourced, content that takes all of the current best practices (inbound link to SEO best practices article) into account. Quality content is at the heart of SEO because the more you produce, the easier it is to get backlinks, and the more trusted your site becomes in the eyes of the search engines. This trust results in higher SERP (search engine results page) rankings and higher traffic.

Affordable SEO Doesn’t Mean Outsourced SEO

Outsourcing can be extremely detrimental to producing quality content because although it’s usually a cheaper option, it’s often written by non-fluent English speakers who simply focus on stuffing keywords into the text rather than writing with the readers in mind. This may have been a good way to drive traffic 10 years ago, but today with the complexity of search engine algorithms keyword stuffing does more harm than good. Google continues to preach the importance of quality content written for people rather than for search engines. This doesn’t mean that keyword density is no longer important, but today it’s accepted that quality trumps quantity every time.

Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal

After creating the content, the next part of the strategy becomes sharing this content by gaining backlinks from other reputable sites. Just like quality content, quality backlinks have become particularly important in how a site is ranked on the SERPs. The days of spamming links on different message boards and comment sections of websites are gone. In fact, these strategies can be detrimental to rankings. This means if this was a part of your previous SEO strategy, getting those links removed and replacing them with quality backlinks will be part of your new, affordable SEO strategy.

Many so-called “affordable” SEO firms choose to buy backlinks rather than earning them through producing quality content. Google frowns upon buying backlinks, and if the risk of being penalized by Google isn’t reason enough to avoid this tactic many bought backlinks will disappear after you stop paying an SEO firm. This will cause a steep drop in rankings, if Google hasn’t already made that happen. At bidpin, we never buy backlinks rather we take the time to earn them, which in turn builds a trustworthy brand, an authoritative website, and a steady flow of customers for years to come.

Transparency and Communication

You should never be left in the dark when it comes to your business’ affordable SEO strategy. Having all of the decisions and progress mapped out in a monthly report is important to the success of SEO and your business.

Affordable SEO – Spend Time to Make Money

Typically, an SEO campaign will take 6-9 months to see a substantial increase in traffic and business, some results can be seen in the short term as well. Deceptive firms, offering affordable SEO, will try to lock you into a contract and employ black hat techniques that do more harm than good for your business. Reputable SEO firms usually offer month to month contracts so you, as the business owner, can gauge the success yourself. That being said, the analogy of SEO compared to buying an apartment complex is apparent here. While the apartment complex may need fixing in the first year, just like a good, affordable SEO plan, the customer traffic and ROI are substantial for years to come with only minor tweaks.

At bidpin, we are able to offer more affordable SEO because we are a growing business, gaining new clients without the high overhead costs of massive agencies. By keeping everything in house, never outsourcing, we can offer results you can take to the bank.

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