Will online marketing work in my industry?

Online marketing is good for any industry, and we can help tailor a marketing plan that takes the unique needs of your industry into account. With many different marketing avenues, such as pay per click and retargeting, we can find the ones that meet your demographics and business objectives.

What is the difference between a website builder and bidpin?

While a website builder gives you the tools to create a basic website, bidpin works with you to create a dynamic website that is right for you. Website builders force you to work with a limited set of building blocks. Our team uses expertise in web design, development, and marketing to help you create a site from the ground up. This means that your site is as unique as your company.

My company already has a logo. Isn't that enough branding?

Branding is much more than just a logo. Branding is a complete strategy that works to keep you in the minds of your customers. It gives your business an identity that will be remembered. While a logo is part of the package, great branding ensures that your customers know what your business is all about.

What is responsive design?

Responsive website design is design that adapts to fit any browser screen. This means that users can have a great experience on your site whether they're viewing it on a smartphone, tablet or their computer.

Why should I use an agency for social media?

Social media is a great marketing opportunity for any business. Knowing how to manage a social media account and get the most of it can be a challenge. A digital marketing agency can tie your social media into the rest of your marketing plan.

Will my website design last?

There are plenty of web design trends, but a great website design is timeless. Our expert team can give you a site that looks as great tomorrow as it does today.

My site is on the top of page two on Google. Isn't this high enough?

A recent study showed that around 70% of search engine users will choose one of the top five results on page one. If you aren't in this top five, you aren't getting the visitors you need to be a success. bidpin's SEO services can get you to the top by choosing the right keywords and optimizing your site.

Isn't social media just for individuals?

Not at all! Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, as it can be a way to reach out to customers and engage with them. Whether used for marketing, advertising, or customer service, social media reaches customers where they live.

Does pay per click cost a lot?

PPC can be a great way of advertising, but when it's not set up correctly, your whole budget can be gone before you know it. When a PPC campaign is well planned, though, it can be a cost effective marketing tool.

What does bidpin offer that other agencies don't?

As a full service agency, we offer you the expertise of digital marketing, graphic design, social media management, and website development all in one place. Having all of this knowledge in one place means that you get a holistic, integrated solution every time.


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