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Hiring One? Choose Wisely

The high return on investment for the firm and the customer makes offering SEO services a lucrative business option for marketing and web design agencies, especially compared with other forms of search marketing, like PPC (pay-per-click), where Google takes the lion’s share of the profit. Not every company, however, has the resources or staff to deliver results.

For smaller online marketing agencies a good solution to be able to offer SEO services without the huge expense of paying for a professional, in-house SEO team is to hire an SEO reseller.

An SEO reseller can be as simple as a software solution or a more comprehensive SEO team comprised of developers, content writers and account managers. Depending on what’s necessary, the SEO reseller manages clients and provides SEO services for agencies who don’t have the resources to offer in-house SEO, but still want to reap the benefits of SEO clients.

White label SEO is when an SEO reseller doesn’t brand their services, but still manages clients. This SEO reseller remains invisible to the client, making it seem as if the SEO services are offered in house by the marketing agency, while still sharing the profits with the reseller. Not only does this generate trust for the agency, hiring an SEO reseller allows marketers to devote resources to other aspects of business while still enjoying the high return on investment from maintaining SEO clients.

While this may seem like a golden opportunity for small marketing agencies to expand their client base, research is the most important aspect of choosing a good SEO reseller. A quality SEO reseller can be a profitable option by allowing small agencies to offer new services, but if a white label SEO reseller produces sub-par work, the agency’s reputation can be put at risk.

Not All SEO Resellers Are Created Equal

An seo reseller can undoubtedly be advantageous to both a small agency without the resources to offer in-house SEO as well as the clients they are representing. The agency shares profits with the SEO reseller and the client obtains the desired results in traffic and conversions that come from a well optimized search strategy.

Because of the unbranded nature of white label SEO good results reflect extremely well on an agency because it appears that they came from an in-house team, building a good track record for the brand as well as attracting other clients.

It can be disastrous, however, when a white label SEO reseller offers great prices and only mediocre results because as a marketing/web design agency, you are being held accountable for the SEO reseller and the results they produce. Essentially, as a small marketing agency, you’re entrusting your reputation with an SEO reseller and the results they produce.

While all SEO resellers online will advertise great results at varying costs, the key is to maximize cost-efficiency with quality before making a purchase that has a serious impact on your business’ reputation. The following article will help you know what to look for when hiring an SEO reseller and making the most of your investment.

SEO Reseller Services – Flexibility is Key

Google has made it abundantly clear that the most important factor when it comes to ranking highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is quality content. From the perspective of a marketing agency, quality should always be the first priority followed closely by cost. If an SEO reseller doesn’t offer a wide variety of services that cater to different clients’ needs quality and cost are moot points.

What Should an SEO Reseller Offer?

Ideally, an SEO reseller will be flexible enough to handle the planning and implementation of an entire SEO strategy as well as provide a platform to track the progress of the current SEO strategy. Other services should include:

  • Keyword Analysis: This includes choosing the correct keywords and finding a balance between keywords that are highly trafficked, but also not so competitive that they will be impossible to rank for. If a keyword is dominated by companies with multi-million or billion dollar advertising budgets, chances are the keyword, despite probably generating a ton of traffic, is too competitive to attack.
  • Competitive Research: An SEO reseller should check to see who the competition is for the desired keywords. This goes back to balancing the traffic and competition for a specific keyword. If your competition is a huge company, it would be smart to pick a slightly less trafficked keyword or the results that are produced from the SEO campaign might be mediocre no matter how good the content is or how many backlinks are gained.
  • Content Creation and Sharing: It can be expensive to employ a full time content writer, especially for a small marketing or web design agency. A good SEO reseller should offer content deliverables as part of a larger SEO strategy. Going hand in hand with content creation is backlink generation to share this content across the web. These backlinks should be comprised of reputable sites as Google considers backlinks from trusted sites as a positive ranking factor. A practice to avoid is buying backlinks because it’s frowned upon by Google and can result in a drop in ranking. This is a good question to ask a potential SEO reseller before partnering up.
  • Consultation Services: The SEO reseller should allow for constant contact between client and business to track the progress as well as field questions regarding the SEO strategy. A quality SEO reseller worthy of partnering up with should be an expert capable of offering advice each and every step of the way. Once again, the SEO reseller you choose to partner up with ends up reflecting on your business’ reputation. If the SEO reseller can’t deliver results it is as if your agency can’t deliver results and this can tarnish your status as a marketer in a field dominated by proven track records.

The final question you should ask an SEO reseller before making the decision to partner up is if their services are scalable. Can this SEO strategy work for local exposure as well as national exposure? If the SEO reseller can’t handle the range of clients that are likely to pay for your services the partnership isn’t worthwhile because it may end up tarnishing your reputation because of the SEO reseller you hired.

Choosing the Right SEO Reseller

Hiring an SEO reseller is truly a partnership. They are offering services that your business doesn’t have the resource to in exchange for some of the profits. The question arises then, would you partner with someone who could potentially hurt your business? Of course, any smart business owner would answer absolutely not, but sub-par SEO resellers offering affordable services thrive by advertising low prices and results-driven promises.

While an SEO reseller may help one of your clients climb the ranks in Google, what happens when Google tweaks their algorithm and your client’s site takes a nosedive in the SERPs? While your agency will most likely be blamed, it’s really the fault of the SEO reseller employing shady techniques, like spamming or buying backlinks, to gain a temporary boost in rank. SEO resellers that employ only white-hat SEO techniques should be considered.

This allows your marketing or web design agency to promise your clients that their SEO strategy will serve as a long term investment for their business. One that will be effective at bringing in traffic and converting customers for years after the original strategy is implemented with only minor tweaks.

Extensive research is a necessity when choosing an SEO reseller. People are judged by the company they keep and businesses are no different. The SEO reseller your marketing or web design agency partners up with ends up being a direct reflection on your business in the eyes of your clients and potential, future clients.

At bidpin, we offer the opportunity to begin reaping the benefits of offering SEO services as well as the peace of mind that comes with partnering with an agency that employs nothing but white-hat, quality SEO services.


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