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Make the most of social media with our customized marketing and management services. We know exactly how to harness Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media mainstays to keep you visible, accessible and relevant in today's technology-driven marketplace.

Our social media services are separated into the following two categories.

Social Media Marketing

bidpin develops social media marketing strategies to fit your specific business plan and demographic. Social media is the most cost-effective way to solidify your brand identity and reach a wider audience of customers and clients, but only if you share enough information and make an effort to appeal to new people. Every link, status, photo and call to action is another valuable element of your social media campaign, so we only develop and implement the most original, attention-grabbing, and engaging content.

We'll also help to guarantee your visibility with paid social media content, from sidebar ads to promoted and sponsored posts. This form of marketing is getting more seamless and commonplace, so take advantage of the personalized effect of these targeted ads.

Social Media Management

It doesn't take any money or technical skills to create an official Facebook or Twitter account for your business. However, managing it on a daily basis and connecting with followers is a fine art that requires constant creativity and attention. We help you form and maintain relationships by managing your social media accounts on your behalf.


It takes time to maximize the marketing benefits of your social media activity, so while you're busy managing your business, we'll keep an eye on social media trends and engage with your followers in real time. Scheduled posts are a convenient way to plan ahead, but nothing can replace real human interaction. We take the market's pulse every time we log on and update everyone.


At bidpin, our innovators are constantly thinking of new ways to excite, entertain and inform your potential customers. The best social media marketing techniques demand participation. We post useful tips that fill common needs, introduce your new products and services in unique ways, make timely posts about current events and holidays, share your blog posts, announce deals, and humanize you with photos and updates that prove just how accessible and personally invested you really are.


Online reviews can make or break a business, but social media turns opinions into conversations between you and your customers or guests. We collaborate with you to respond directly to feedback you receive through social media. Clear up misunderstandings immediately, and reward satisfied customers for sharing their stories too. If some complaints recur, we'll prove how proactive you are by sharing your company's progress toward products or services that meet higher standards.

Whether you're expanding and experiencing growing pains or trying to establish a new brand, social media is a tool you can't afford to ignore. We'll help you navigate unfamiliar websites and attract new followers and friends, and our long-term management strategies will increase your brand recognition and expand your reach to countless mobile devices and computer screens.


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