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A recent study found that 89% of customers rely on an online search engine before they make a purchasing decision, this means without an amazing website a business simply misses out on thousands of potential customers.

Investing in a sleek, appealing website allows for superior branding and gives a company the edge it needs to surpass the competition. It is no secret that the most successful businesses are globally recognized brands, and while this may seem like a lofty goal for a local business owner, global recognition begins with a great website. For businesses in Queens and the surrounding boroughs the competition is fierce, which means a superior website design is a necessity.

Who We Are and What We Do – Queens Web Design and beyond

Bidpin is a prominent Queens web design and digital marketing agency. We understand the importance of a robust website because it acts as a hub for various avenues of traffic, such as online searches, social media, and other websites’ links to your site. It also serves as many potential customers’ first impression of your business. Just like investing in a new awning for a storefront can draw more foot traffic into a local business, a modern and responsive website can draw customers to your business and more importantly keep them there for an extended period of time.

The People Have Spoken: Quality Content is King

The average time it takes for a person to leave a website is only four seconds, meaning this is all the time it takes someone to decide whether or not they will stay on your page or hit the back button to find another website. This time spent on a page is not only a key component in converting traffic into customers, but also affects how a website is ranked on search engines. Anything from an aesthetically unprofessional website to web design that is not responsive on mobile or tablet browsers is a good enough reason for a potential customer to leave in a matter of seconds. By keeping up with current web design trends, bidpin makes sure to keep users on your website for an extended period of time using a variety of tactics. Website trends change on a yearly basis and a site designed only a year ago may already be outdated in this changing landscape. There are a few extremely important changes that bidpin takes into account in 2015:

  • Queens Web Design Upcoming Changes
  • Responsive web design on mobile and tablet browsers has become one of the number one game changers as an increasing number of customers are no longer using their desktop and laptop computers to search the web. We live in a multi-screen age where if consumers are looking at something on their desktop they are also doing proprietary research on a mobile device. This ties in with flatter design, especially for smaller screens because a flat design has a cleaner look while being easier to view on mobile screens. While a simpler design, high quality, custom photography is of utmost importance to adding another degree of professionalism.
  • Content scrolling on the homepage has also become an important online trend. Rather than making users link from the homepage to different pages for information causing longer loading times and more of a tendency to leave a site all together. When putting together a homepage users want to scroll down on that same page to gain as much information as possible. Some of the most successful websites employ an interactive website in order to appeal to visitors’ short attention spans. By interactively telling a story, a brand can better communicate their ideals with customers as well as keeping them engaged.
  • Related content scrolling, when web designers keep track of the newest web design trends, the term "parallax effect" is thrown around constantly. what this means is that the user is scrolling or moving their mouse over the page, different aspects of the page become animated making it much more interactive and user-friendly.
  • A simple design can also go a long way. In previous years websites focused on large images and titles to draw attention, while today simple, cleaner background colors and smaller text size has been proven to speed up loading time (a key to keeping traffic from leaving your website.) That is not to say a simple website is unprofessional, quite the opposite. A simple website design gets to the point with an appealing homepage also containing content the viewer is searching for.
  • Integration is also at the forefront of web design this year because people are more likely to stay on your site. If a person has to follow a youtube link rather than viewing an embedded video they are more likely to remain on youtube rather than returning to the site.
  • Finally, something as simple as the quality of photos and font choice may seem unimportant, but it has a huge impact on keeping user traffic on your site thereby increasing the time spent viewing pages. Long gone are the days of serif fonts for text and sans serif fonts for headings. Today, experimentation with different fonts allows business owners to better connect customers’ with a business’ brand identity.

We take all of this, along with a variety of other factors, into account when designing a website. This is all based on the assumption, however, that they land on your site in the first place. Even the most modern and professionally designed websites may stay in obscurity if they are not properly optimized for search engines.

Queens Web Design - SEO is the Key

Despite having an incredible looking and functional website, if clients can’t find you all of the money and time dedicated to its creation will be for nothing. This is why we place a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy at the pinnacle of our website design. While this used to mean scattering and stuffing keywords throughout the content on a website it has come to encompass a wide variety of factors that determine where a website ranks on the major search engines. Examples of just a few of these can be seen below:

  • More Trends for queens web design.
  • Quality written content – Keywords are still important, but using relevant terms is even more important
  • Other media, such as photos and video
  • Site architecture on the back end
  • Backlinks from quality web sites
  • Gaining a robust social following

This is a highly condensed list considering there are over 120 factors that can positively or negatively affect a website’s ranking, and to make matters more complicated Google constantly comes out with new, more advanced algorithms to create a better user experience for searchers. For us at bidpin this means we have to keep these SEO factors in mind while designing a website as well as keep up with changing trends. By integrating a good SEO strategy in conjunction with web design in Queens we make sure that your website stands the test of time and continues to rank well on search engines.

Web Design Queens - No One Knows Your Business Like You Do

While we possess the tools and the insight to design stunning websites, we acknowledge that no one knows your business better than you do. This is why we take the time to discuss and listen to exactly what purpose the website design is serving for your company, whether it’s e-commerce, branding, or simply informational. You are in control of everything from the color scheme to the features offered. We then take this initial vision and couple it with our own research and analytics to build a custom website suited exactly to your needs that will put your business’ best foot forward.

Agile and Easy CMS

After this first rate website has been created it may take some updating from time to time, which brings up the topic of our online content management system (CMS). Using Wordpress along with our own advanced proprietary tools, we make editing websites incredibly simple for business owners. This ease of use saves valuable time along with helping to avoid common problems like outdated content and broken links. This combination is a surefire way for a potential customer to not only get a bad impression of your brand, but also immediately leave the page, negatively affecting SEO.

After Reading All of That

At bidpin, we understand the needs of growing businesses because bidpin, although operating online, is a growing, local business in the Queens, NYC area. We understand the competition local businesses face because in the five boroughs, especially in Queens, web design and online marketing is fiercely competitive. Offering web design in Queens is an advantage for bidpin cause we are local and understand the area demographically.


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